Jungle Finance

Why Jungle?

The Roots

We're here to make DeFi work for you! That means building products that help users maximize opportunity and minimize friction across the entirety of DeFi as it grows. By bringing more capital efficiency, flexibility and ease of use to your favorite DeFi platforms, Jungle is designed to connect users to the ecosystem in a way that makes sense for them.

Initial Growth

Jungle's first innovation lets users maximize their staking yield without having to lock up their tokens or constantly monitor and tweak their positions across dozens of platforms.
Here's how it works.
When a user deposits their tokens into Jungle, those tokens are put to work in our auto-compounding staking vaults, generating yield as efficiently as possible and maximizing the user's returns. To keep track of who owns what in these vaults, Jungle issues two types of "receipts" at deposit; an Income Token (I-TOKEN) and a Jungle Token (J-TOKEN). Income Tokens are redeemable for the yield which the vault generates with their deposit over a set time, while Jungle Tokens redeem for the initially deposited token amount.
This means that with J-TOKENs, users can buy, sell, lend, borrow, send and receive supported tokens without losing their passive returns.
Better yet, the future yield represented by I-TOKENs can be sold on the market for an immediate payout or bought by patient farmers looking to maximize their capital.
If that wasn't enough, Jungle offers sustainable farm and bonding pool rewards for providing liquidity on both token types, creating even more opportunities for users!

Flourishing Together

As we expand this staking support across the ecosystem, the I and J-TOKEN building blocks allow fresh creative approaches for products and services that better fit user needs. As we focus on bringing value and convenience to users, Jungle intends to set the standard for innovation and collaboration throughout the Solana ecosystem.
Last modified 1yr ago